The Fab Arts Company

A fellow artist, and mentor used to teach a number of acting classes on the principle of the “human experience.” This refers to the breadth of experiences that we as humans take part in during our lives. Joy, love, hate, fear, loss, disgust, excitement, vulnerability. The list is endless; name something that you’ve done in your life, and at its core is a human experience.

As children, we are impressive channels for our humanity. We see this in little boys who can cry and fight, and little girls who can be explosively loud, and quiet. Children have greater access to the breadth of human experience. But than we learn not to cry because we’re weird if we do, to be quiet because loud isn’t pretty, to be hard and stubborn because vulnerability and ignorance is painful. All coping mechanisms created to protect ourselves from one perceived danger or another.

Eventually though, these coping mechanisms become outdated and instead of protecting us, they’re paralyzing us. They’re stopping us from connecting to one another.

This is the need for the arts. Paintings remind us to cry again, film can give us the permission to fall in love again, a play can help us understand how to experience both love and contempt for the same person. The arts give us permission to feel something. They provide us an opportunity to have an experience that we might not have felt in years, or decades.

The Fab Arts Company is committed to producing work that pursues theses moments, these experiences and these feelings, that connect us all.

-Jake Wentlent