A fellow artist, and mentor used to teach a number of acting classes on the principle of the “human experience.” Everything that is encapsulated in the experience of a human life. Joy, love, hate, fear, loss, disgust, excitement, vulnerability. The list is endless; name a moment when you were deeply moved, and you’ve named a moment of “human experience.”

As children, we are impressive channels for our humanity. We see this in little boys who can cry and fight, and little girls who can be explosively loud, and quiet. Speaking generally, children are still powerfully rooted in this “human experience”, they have easier access. But than we learn not to cry because if we do we’re weird, to be quiet because loud isn’t pretty, to be hard and stubborn because vulnerability and ignorance is painful. Coping mechanisms, created to protect ourselves from one perceived danger or another.

Eventually though, these coping mechanisms become outdated and instead of protecting us, they’re paralyzing us. They’re stopping us from connecting to one another, and to ourselves.

One path for dropping back into ourselves, is through storytelling. We tell stories about what we admire, what we dislike, the things we want, the way we wish were, fantasies about space, fantasies about sex; we write the world that in some way or another, we wished was our own. Why not stories about what it means to be a living, breathing, vulnerable person in the world? We believe that by telling each other stories rooted in human experience, that we will inspire an audience to reconnect, or otherwise simply appreciate their own human experience.

The Fab Arts Company is committed to telling stories, in all forms, for all people. We hope you’ll come along with us on this journey.